Durable, smooth & seamlessly integrated

Cooking should be made easy, and we here at Premier Trade Surfaces believe we can enhance your cooking experience.

Our smooth durable worksurfaces are shaped to fit the flow of your kitchen, with seamlessly integrated sinks, upstands and backsplashes. 

Solid Surface is appearing in more, and more kitchens around the UK, and we’re not surprised. Although our surfaces are custom designed and hand crafted; most consumers would expect a hefty price tag on our products. However, this is not the case. 

We have been competatively trading for over a decade

We have a great reputation amongst our clients, and our surfaces are backed with a minimum 10 year warranty. Another fantastic benefit of our surfaces is the longevity. Even in the unlikely event of damages arrising; either stains or scratches, our surfaces are completely repairable, and are covered under warranty.

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How to Care & Maintain your Solid Surface

Maintenance...Caring for your worktop is not difficult, however we recommend that our customers read our guide prior to purchase.  If you have any questions regarding the care and maintenance on your product; please do not hesitate to be in touch! We are here to help!...

Solid Upstands

Solid Upstands - Complete your worktop design with our fully customisable Upstands The visually seamless application of solid upstands, completes and enhances the appeal of your worktop. From a design point of view; upstands bridge the gap between the worktop and the...

Drainer Grooves

Sink Drainer Grooves for Kitchen Sinks Customising your worktop couldn't be simpler. We have a range of popular options for you to choose below,  or even customise your own! One fantastic benefit of choosing a solid surface, lies in its workability. Etched and...

Edge Profiles

Customising Your Worktop Design What are Edge Profiles? Edge profiles are used to dramatically change the appearance of the worktop surface. With over 10 options to choose from, the edge of your worktop can be completely customised for your home or project. Each...