Solid Surfaces

LG HI MACS Solid Surfaces

Through our industrial partners, we are able to supply a full 10 Year Warranty with all of our LG HI MACS worktops. Add a touch of elegance to your kitchen or bathroom, with our range of LG HI MACS products. 

Colours, Sinks & Basins

We are Solid Surface Fabricators of


LG HI MACS Worktops add a touch of elegance to any kitchen or bathroom. With many colours to choose from, you will not be dissapointed in the options available. 

Worktop Fabricators

Working from our Leicester based factory, our team of professional fabricators, take Corian® Solid Surface sheet material, and shape it to fit the flow of your kitchen or bathroom project.


Prior to manufacturing your worktop, we require a survey, to ensure millimeter perfection. We use the latest in digital technology, and no longer use hardboards to conduct our surveys!


We help our customers with all designs prior to manufacture. Solid Surface is a very durable material, meaning the design possibilities really are endless! What design will you choose?

Manufacture & Installation

Once our customer is happy with their chosen design, we move onto hand crafting their worktop. Our fully trained fabricators then visit site to install the worktop, and remove any visible seams

HI MACS Worktops

HI MACS is an outstanding Solid Surface material, with a delicate composition of acrylic, minerals and natural pigments. Combine these all together, and we have a smooth, non-porous, thermoformable and visually seamless surface. 

As with our other major brands, LG HI MACS material meets the highest standards for quality in all aspects; material performance, fabrication, functionality and hygiene. 

HI MACS Natural Acrylic Stone is produced in an ultra-modern manufaturing process that complies with the best quality certification standards. 

What are the benefits of Solid Surface?


Solid Surface not only looks good, but is a very durable material, surviving daily wear and tear


Solid Surface Worktops cannot delainate, the joints are inconspicuous and fluids cannot penetrate 


Easy to clean, and non-porous. Dirt and stains cannot build up, as there are no gaps for bacteria to grow!

Easy to Clean

Dirt and stains cannot penetrate through the material, marks and stains can easily be removed with general household cleaner


A great environmentally friendly worktop such as our products, can be eaily repaired. Heavy stains and scratches can be erased without a trace


We use colour-coordinated joint adhesive to bond our surfaces together. This results in invisible seams across the worktop surface

What About Warranty?

As industrial partners with HI MACS, we are able to offer a full 10 Year Warranty with all of our solid worktop products. 

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