Solid Surface comparison with Granite, Quartz and Wood

Our customers often ask us what the difference is between Solid Surfaces, and other natural materials, such as Granite, Quartz and Wood. 

To assist our customers with their queries, we made a comparison chart below to answer common questions.

Conclusion, Natural or Man-Made?

Visually, all four comparative options would look great in any kitchen! However, as Solid Surface fabricators, we will always suggest our product to friends and family looking for a new kitchen or bathroom. Yes, we are of course bias! But no other worktop can beat the properties of Solid Surface!

Not only are our surfaces most competitive in cost, but they also offer the most diverse range of colour and sink options. Granite and Quartz often have more striking visual patterns and grains, but also have a hefty price tag to suit! They do not offer the same durability, and seamless integration as our products either. 

Wood looks fantastic in a new kitchen, however we couldn’t find any benefits to having a wooden worktop, with the exception of visual appearance.

What worktop will you choose? 

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