Whether your cooking a meal or entertaining guests, we spend a lot of time in our kitchens. For all of the house-proud folks out there, a Solid kitchen worktop can have a huge impact on your home. The benefits for doing so are endless. Find out more below.

,Frequently Asked Questions about Solid Surface Worktops

“What’s so special about Solid Surfaces?”

The beauty of our products lies in its fully customisable, seamless application. Our worktops are 100% waterproof and have no gaps! Neither water or air can pass through solid surface, and as a result, our worktops are non-porous. This means that dirt, moulds and fungi have nowhere to grow. Our worktops are so hygienic, that they are frequently used in the healthcare industry! 

“How customisable are the Worktops?”

We work with our customers on absolutely any design. Our worktops are completely customisable; the shape and edge can be completely designed by yourselves to fit the flow of your kitchen. Our customers can also benefit from additional extras, such as backsplashes, Upstands and other features to enhance the appearance too.

“We would love to have a Corian Worktop installed in our kitchen. But aren’t they really expensive?”

You might just be surprised! All of our worktops are competitively priced and include a minimum of a 10 Year Warranty to ensure longevity. We receive great feedback from our customers too who often tell us our worktops are great value for money.

“What happens if I damage or scratch my worktop?”

With conventional worktops, scuffs and scratches are completely irreversible. We don’t suffer from the same problem with Solid Surface Worktops. We can simply arrange a repair, where all damages can be removed by sanding the surface down with multiple grits of sand paper.

Want to find out more? We have a variety of information available on our website. Choose from hundreds of colour and sink options through our partner brands listed below.