Why Choose a HI-MACS Worktop?

HI-MACS solid surfaces are made by LG from acrylic natural minerals and pigments that come together to provide a visually seamless look. HI-MACS has a large colour pallet with lots of different styles to choose from.

A strong material with clean lines, seamless looks and very hygienic in any kitchen environments. Complete your worktops with a vast choice of bowls from colour matched sided bowls with stainless steel base to full composite sinks in alpine white or nougat cream.

HI-MACS is offered with a 15-year warranty when fabricated by a quality club member.

As quality club members, Premier Trade Surfaces are able to provide a 15 YEAR WARRANTY on all of our HI MACS Products

We are able to offer a huge catalogue of colours by LG HI MACS, Visit our Colour Collection to find our more.

LG HI MACS colour collection features a huge variety of styles for every occasion.
Be bold and use a strong solid-colour or be unique and choose a non-solid worktop with different grains and opacities.

Bring Your Kitchen to life with

our HI MACS Sinks Collection

LG HI MACS have an extensive selection of sinks available.
To view all of our LG HI MACS Sinks, click below